28 Nov 2019

Germany Targets 100% Geothermal Heating with New Project

28 Nov 2019  by Alexander Richter   

Drilling rig on site in Pullach, Germany (source: Erdwerk)

In partnership with the local utility from Munich and Erdwärme Grünwald, Innovative Energie Pullach, is looking to expand geothermal heating to reach 100% of the the municipality.

A recent event by Innovative Energie Pullach in Pullach in Bavaria/ Germany celebrated 15 years of geothermal energy, remembering the drilling start for the first geothermal well in December 2004.

The mayor of the municipality highlighted the broad support of the public for the development of geothermal energy utilisation. At the same time mayor Susanna Tausendfreund, also announced that the city council has given the go ahead for a further geothermal project that will secure that 100% of Pullach will be able to tap into geothermal heating.

Together with Erdwärme Grünwald and Stadtwerke München (SWM), Pullach conducted 3D-seismic studies and the results are rather promising for the new project. The city council of Munich still has to vote on the decision for the project, but initial indications show strong support.

The plan would be to start drilling in 2023 with planned end of the drilling campaign by 2026.

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