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14 Jun 2024

Iltekno Installs First Gas Engine-Powered Cogeneration System in Uzbekistan

14 Jun 2024  by asian-power   
The project used a TCG 2032 genset that has 4,500 kilowatt electricity output.

Turkish engineering, procurement, and construction contractor Iltekno announced it has built a cogeneration power plant based on gas engines in Uzbekistan.

It was in 2019 when Iltekno commissioned the power plant for the FT Textile Group LLC, which produces cotton yarn.

“It is the country's first cogeneration power plant based on gas engines and provides a secure power supply and low energy costs for the production facility near Namangan,” Iltekno said.

The contractor covered the supply, installation, assembly, and commissioning of one TCG 2032B V16 MWM Natural Gas Engine Generator Set and Auxiliary Equipment.

This genset has an electrical performance of 44.3% with 4,500 kilowatt electricity output.

“Initially, the client's production quality and stability suffered from power shortages and high fluctuations in the local grid. However, since the completion of the cogeneration power plant, this issue could be solved entirely, and the factory could continue its production without being affected by the power cuts,” Iltekno said.

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