17 May 2024

RWE Plan Scotland Hydrogen Plant

17 May 2024  by cen.acs   
The German energy firm RWE plans to build a green hydrogen plant at Ineos’s complex in Grangemouth, Scotland. The plant will have electrolyzers with 200 MW of capacity, enough to produce up to 3.6 metric tons of hydrogen per hour. It will supply hydrogen to Ineos. RWE hopes to have the plant running by 2029 and has ambitions to eventually expand capacity to 600 MW. The firm has already concluded feasibility and engineering studies for the facility and is considering electrolyzer suppliers. For Ineos, the project will augment its efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Grangemouth. At the site, Ineos has already been planning a blue hydrogen project, in which the hydrogen would be produced from hydocarbons and the resulting carbon dioxide emissions would be captured and stored.


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