15 May 2024

Geothermal Project in Polling, Germany Draws Political Interest

15 May 2024  by thinkgeoenergy   
State officials visited the site of a geothermal project being developed by Erdwärme Inn GmbH & Co. in the municipality of Polling in Bavaria, Germany. Drilling is currently ongoing at the site with a rig manufacture by Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH.

Planned for a 30-MW thermal capacity, the Polling geothermal project is envisioned to provide hot water for the heating og two greenhouses at the Reichenspurner Hof and the neighboring communities of Polling. Part of the energy will also supply the planned district heating networks in Mühldorf am Inn and Tüßling.

Geothermal as key to heat transition

As a testament to increasing political interest in geothermal, Dr. Florian Herrmann, Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery, State Minister for Federal Affairs and Media, and Dr. Florian Stegmann, Minister of State and Head of the State Chancellery of Baden-Württemberg visited the site of the Polling geothermal project.

During the visit, the two politicians emphasized the important role that geothermal can play in providing a secure and sustainable energy supply. “The possibilities are far from exhausted. In the long term, domestic geothermal energy can make a significant contribution to the success of the heat transition,” said Dr. Stegmann.

“Sustainable energy supply is essential for Bavaria as a business location. The project in Polling is a showcase project with excellent cooperation between the local actors,” added Dr. Florian Herrmann. “Deep geothermal energy is real ‘home energy’ and its expansion is therefore particularly important for the Bavarian heating transition.“

High-tech drilling

Two boreholes are being drilled for the Polling geothermal project with depths of up to 4000 meters. Drilling is being done by an Innova Rig (TI418) which was manufactured by Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH and developed in collaboration with the drilling company H. Anger’s Söhne and the GFZ Potsdam. The TI-418 has been in use since 2007, mainly in Germany, but also in a wide variety of European projects in Sweden, Finland, and Great Britain for the energy transition.

“The rig has a hook load of 418 tons, can switch between different drilling methods, requires little space and is also quiet,” explains Ulrich Hahne, Head of Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH, which has almost 20 years of experience in the field of deep geothermal energy.

“Due to the high level of automation and the sophisticated safety concept from Herrenknecht Vertical, the Innova Rig is our preferred choice for deep geothermal energy projects,” confirms Daniel Schindler from the management of the deep drilling company Anger’s Söhne.

Dr. Florian Stegmann and Dr. Florian Herrmann, the State Ministers of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, visit the ongoing drilling work in Polling, Germany. In the background is the TI-418 system manufactured by Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH. (source: Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH)

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