Wind Power

13 May 2024

Blue Circle Will Install Goldwind Wind Turbines in a Wind Power Project in the Philippines

13 May 2024  by evwind   
Developer Blue Circle has signed a contract with manufacturer Goldwind for the supply of 17 GW 165-6.0MW wind turbines for the Kalayaan 2 wind farm in the Philippines.

Goldwind has celebrated this milestone as a “major breakthrough” as it marks their first order in the country. The Philippines currently has 443 MW of installed wind capacity.

But the interesting aspect of this news is not only Goldwind’s entry into the Philippines but also that Blue Circle is a Singapore-based developer partially owned by Acciona Energía, with a stake close to 50%.

This means that, at least indirectly, Acciona Energía will be testing Goldwind’s technology, and also indirectly, Goldwind has won a tender for the purchase of wind turbines in which Acciona Energía participates.


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