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26 Apr 2024

Nissan Unveils Four NEV Concepts at Beijing Motor Show

26 Apr 2024  by greencarcongress   
Nissan unveiled four new energy vehicle (NEV) concepts at Auto China and showcased a strong lineup of electrified models. Nissan also announced that it will launch one more NEV in the market than previously disclosed, bringing the total of the planned vehicle launches to five by fiscal year 2026.

The four NEV concept models unveiled, two EVs and two plug-in hybrids, are a joint effort with local partner Dong Feng and aimed to address the future mobility needs of customers in China.

The Nissan Epoch Concept is an EV sedan for urban and suburban go-getters who wish to enhance their lifestyles with design and technologies. The concept has an AI-expanded Internet of Things, and its virtual personal assistant makes life easier and more comfortable through communication that recognizes emotions.

The Nissan Epic Concept is an EV SUV suited for adventurous city couples who explore on weekends, with autonomous driving for both the city and on highways. The vehicle can function as a mobile power source, with electricity to power equipment, campsites or parties. Meanwhile, its on-board technologies support and create a relaxing atmosphere.

The Nissan Era Concept is a plug-in hybrid SUV that supports urban lifestyles and is suited to young businesspeople who treat their car as a second home. With an interconnected entertainment system and zero-gravity seats, its advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel control and active air suspension provide both a comfortable and confident drive.

The Nissan Evo Concept plug-in hybrid sedan is suitable for weekend getaways and creating special moments for the whole family. In addition to its advanced driver support and safety functions, its AI-enhanced virtual personal assistant helps properly deliver the intended drive and journey.

The Nissan Hyper Force concept and Nissan Hyper Punk concept, which premiered at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo last October, were also shown for the first time in China.

China strategy. Nissan’s strategy is based on its motto, “In China, for China”, with a focus on corporate value and overall competitiveness in the Chinese market.

To further amplify its presence, Nissan unveiled a new brand campaign, “Excitement by Ni”, which embodies the company’s commitment to innovation and enriching people’s lives. In China, consumers are embracing new lifestyles and mobility solutions fueled by intelligent, electric-driven innovations. Through the new campaign, Nissan aims to lead in exciting lives and fulfilling the personalized mobility experiences of customers.

Nissan also announced that it will partner with leading companies in the areas of intelligence to bring exciting intelligence system and AI-based services to customers in China and beyond.

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