24 Apr 2024

Spain Launches 1.3 GW Synchronous Renewables, Storage Tender

24 Apr 2024  by pv-magazine   
Spain's Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) has launched a long-awaited capacity tender for synchronous electricity generation from renewable sources and storage technologies.

The procurement exercise aims to quickly support the installation of synchronous electricity generation modules (MGES), which are power generation facilities that can maintain and balance the frequency of generated voltage and the frequency of voltage that is sent to the network

Such installation support security of supply and system flexibility, while allowing the integration of other technologies such as PV and wind power.

In total, the joint access capacity available for MGES amounts to 1,259 MW, broken down as follows: Garoña 220 kV has 151 MW, Guardo 220 kV has 216 MW, Lada 400 kV has 90 MW, Robla 400 kV has 648 MW, and Mudéjar 400 kV of 154 MW.

“Given the need to accelerate the installation of this type of technology, the order establishes in these nodes a procedure for granting access capacity based on the order of temporal priority of the requests for greater agility in the process,” said MITECO.


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