23 Apr 2024

Envision Energy Explores the Future of Green Hydrogen Fuel Adoption at Singapore Maritime Week

23 Apr 2024  by prnewswire   

Envision Energy, a global leader in green technology, introduced its groundbreaking green hydrogen fuel solutions for the first time at Singapore Maritime Week, held from April 16 to April 19 in Singapore, exploring the new frontier of green fuel adoption in decarbonizing the maritime industry with global partners.

The Singapore Maritime Week, organized by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), is one of the most prestigious maritime events in Singapore. The event brings together international and regional participants from all sectors of the maritime industry. Over the week, the industry gathered to exchange insights on decarbonization and innovation opportunities.

"Singapore is at the forefront of maritime innovation and is vigorously promoting decarbonization in the maritime sector. Green hydrogen, as a crucial clean energy source, can play a key role in Singapore's maritime industry decarbonization efforts," said Mr. Frank Yu, Vice President of Envision Energy. "We are delighted to bring our green hydrogen solutions here and collaborate with global partners to explore the feasibility of using low-carbon alternatives or other marine renewable energy sources in port operations and development. Together, we can propel the global shipping industry towards a greener future."

Envision Energy, the world's leading green hydrogen producer, possesses core technologies in renewable energy, hydrogen production equipment, and net zero industrial parks, targeting for decarbonization at scale with its green hydrogen solution. Pioneering its own alkaline and PEM electrolysis technologies, green hydrogen ammonia solution, engineering competences and system integration capabilities, Envision Energy has been able to facilitate the green hydrogen industry moving at commercial scale. Its cutting-edge green hydrogen solution can replace traditional petroleum fuels to power ships as a clean energy. This enables vessels to achieve zero-emission navigation, and significantly effectively reducing carbon emissions. Meanwhile, leveraging technology breakthroughs in the renewable power system, Envision Energy achieves efficient coupling of wind-solar storage with hydrogen-ammonia-alcohol production to optimize cost and promote environmental sustainability for its customers.

The company's flagship project, the world's largest commercial green hydrogen-ammonia project in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, takes as a good model for global partners. It serves as an integrated demonstration of green hydrogen and its applications, driving innovation in new industrial technologies such as biosynthesis and green metallurgy. Envision Energy's products are signed with a traceable "Net Zero Green Code (powered by EnOS Ark)" for products, which complies with various international standards and has been certified by authoritative organizations to ensures smooth and unobstructed "net zero trade" globally. The green hydrogen products will be offered to markets across the world without any hindrance. Already a leader in renewable energy, Envision Energy continues to lead the way in developing sustainable, large-scale decarbonization solutions to foster a greener maritime future.


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