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23 Apr 2024

NGOs Call For Phase-Out of Coal-Fired Power Generation by 2028

23 Apr 2024  by taiwannews   

NGOs call for end of coal-fired power generation by 2028. (CNA photo)
NGOs, including Air Clean Taiwan (ACT), gathered outside the legislature on Earth Day (April 22) to call for an end to coal-fired power generation in Taiwan by 2028.

They targeted Taichung Power Plant, the fourth-largest coal-fired power plant in the world, which is a major contributor to air pollution and global warming. ACT said 2023 was the hottest year on record, and from January to March, Taiwan experienced the second most severe drought in history.

Furthermore, ACT warned the world may soon exceed the 1.5 C tipping point for global warming established by climate experts, per China Times.

Taichung Power Plant is the leading perpetrator of climate and air pollution problems in Taiwan. ACT said the timeline for the planned phase-out of the coal-fired power generation facility is too slow (2035), as residents of central Taiwan have already suffered from the power plant's air pollution for 33 years.

ACT researcher Chao Hui-lin (趙慧琳) said coal is the most polluting fossil fuel, with Taichung Power Plant accounting for 35% of the country’s coal consumption. Chao said Taipower’s phase-out of this facility is too slow and will damage the health of citizens in central and southern Taiwan.

Chao added that the cost of coal-fired power generation exceeded the cost of gas-fired generators. Chao said a continued reliance on coal-fired power generation is not only a waste of money but also exacerbates climate change.

KMT Legislator Ma Wen-Chun (馬文君) joined protestors and said global trends point towards net-zero emissions, and any country that can achieve this goal is considered a progressive, advanced country. Ma urged Taiwan to consider the phase-out of coal-fired power generation by 2028, per UDN.


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