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17 Apr 2024

BECSS Project in Sweden Earns Planning Permission

17 Apr 2024  by biomassmagazine.   
A bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) project under development in Sweden by Stockholm Energi was awarded planning approval on March 28 by the country’s Land and Environmental Court.

Stockholm Energi submitted its application for the project in March 2023, and the court one year later announced it would grant necessary environmental permits for the project. The permit covers the construction and operation of facilities for the separation of carbon dioxide from glue gases from a biofuel-fired power plant, as well as compressing, liquefying and temporarily storing the separated carbon dioxide.

With the permits now in place, Stockholm Energi can make a final investment decision on the project. If developed on schedule, the BECCS project could be commissioned in 2027. Once operational, the proposed BECCS project is expected to capture 800,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

According to information released by Stockholm Energi, the BECCS project is planned for development in central Stockholm, at Värtahamnen. Värtahamnen is the home of company’s largest cogeneration facility which produces heat and electricity from solid biofuels, including residual forestry and sawmill products, such as wood chips, branches and tree tops.


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