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25 Nov 2019

Nikolai Claims to have Made Breakthroughs in Batteries

25 Nov 2019  by SMM news   
According to reports, the hydrogen fuel cell semitrailer truck known as Nikolai recently claimed that it has made a major breakthrough in the field of battery technology, greatly improving the battery energy storage density. However, there is a view that the market should have reservations about this.

The company plans to use battery packs on larger hydrogen semitrailers and all-electric power systems on trucks with relatively small models and short mileage.

Nicholas says it will equip vehicles with breakthrough new batteries.

In a press release, Nicholas announced in a high profile that the company's all-electric trucks can travel 800 miles at full load when fully charged.

The Nikolai truck, which weighs 5000 pounds (about 2268 kilograms), is lighter than the competing model when the battery size is the same.

Nikolai's hydrogen fuel cell truck can travel more than 1000 miles (1609 kilometers) between stops and refuel in 15 minutes.

Nicholas introduced the world's first independent electrode car battery. The energy density of the material layer of the battery is 1100 watts per kilogram, and the energy density of the production unit layer is 500 watts per kilogram, including casing, terminal and separator. The above energy storage density is more than twice that of the existing lithium ion battery unit.

In the life cycle of the battery, the charge and discharge cycle can be more than 2000 times. Compared with lithium-ion batteries, the weight of the battery itself is reduced by 40%, and the material cost per kilowatt-hour can be saved by 50%.

The company has shown that the technology can double the range of electric vehicles without increasing the size and weight of the battery.

Trevor Milton, chief executive of Nicholas Motor, commented on the statement: "this is the biggest progress we have seen in the battery industry. We're not talking about minor improvements, we're talking about doubling the battery capacity of your phone. We are talking about doubling the use of battery-powered models and hydrogen electric vehicles around the world. "

The company said it had drawn up "a letter of intent to acquire a world-class battery engineering team" and expected to disclose information about the acquisition next year. And they will show viewers the charging and discharging process of the breakthrough batteries at the Nikolai World event in the fall of 2020.

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