13 Apr 2024

MOL Inaugurates 10MW Green Hydrogen Plant for Danube Refinery

13 Apr 2024  by greencarcongress   
MOL Group has inaugurated a 10 MW capacity green hydrogen plant —the largest in Central and Eastern Europe—in Százhalombatta. The €22-million investment makes fuel production more sustainable: the plant will reduce the Danube Refinery’s carbon dioxide emissions by 25,000 tonnes.

The 10 megawatt electrolysis unit created by Plug Power produces around 1,600 tonnes of clean, carbon-neutral green hydrogen per year. The new technology will gradually replace the natural gas-based production process, which currently accounts for one-sixth of the MOL Group’s total carbon dioxide emissions.

The plant will start producing in the second half of 2024; MOL will use the green hydrogen primarily in its own network for fuel production.

Danube Refinery started its operation in 1965 in Százhalombatta. The refinery is one of the largest refineries in the Central and Eastern European region with a refining capacity of 165,000 barrels per day (8.1 million tonnes/year).

After Száhalombatta, we will take the technology to the other two fuel production units of the group to make the fuel production process more sustainable at each of MOL Group’s refineries.

—József Molnár, CEO of MOL Group

The investment is in line with the MOL Group’s SHAPE TOMORROW corporate strategy which aims to make the region more sustainable, competitive and self-sufficient.

MOL Group is an international, integrated oil, gas, petrochemicals and consumer retail company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. MOL Group operates three refineries and two petrochemicals plants under integrated supply chain-management in Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia, and owns a network of almost 2400 service stations across 10 countries in Central & South Eastern Europe.

MOL is committed to transform its traditional fossil-fuel-based operations into a low-carbon, sustainable business model and aspires to become net carbon neutral by 2050 while shaping the low-carbon circular economy in Central and Eastern Europe.


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