27 Mar 2024

Eavor Signs Geothermal Heat Supply Contract With Geretsried, Germany

27 Mar 2024  by thinkgeoenergy   

Signing of heat supply contract between Eavor Erdwarme Geretsried and Stadtwerke Geretsried (source: Stadt Geretsried)
Eavor Erdwärme Geretsried GmbH (Eavor), project company of Dusseldorf-based Eavor GmbH, has signed a heat supply contract with Isar Loisach Naturwärme GmbH (ILN), subsidiary of local utility company Stadtwerke Geretsried. Under the contract, Eavor will supply 81,200 MWh per annum of heat to the district heating network in Geretsried, Germany, which ILN will be building.

“The use of geothermal energy is an essential building block for our region and Bavaria for the success of the energy transition; regionally it can reliably supply us with climate-friendly heat,” said Mayor Michael Müller.

Jan Dühring, Managin Director of ILN and Board Member of Stadtwerke Gerestried, explained that the district heating network will be built in six expansion stages from 2025 to 2026. Not all households will be able to connect to the network right away. Its backbone will be built around large properties such as schools, companies, and large residential areas.

“Expanding the necessary infrastructure for the use of geothermal energy is a challenge for our new company, our municipal utilities and the city as a whole, which we are happy to face and with a lot of energy,” Dühring remarked.

The town of Gerestried is the site of the first-ever commercial-scale deployment of Eavor’s pioneering Eavor-Loop technology. A recent update from the company states that drilling has reached 7000 meters of measured depth while power plant construction is ongoing.

“This contract represents another milestone in a very important project for Geretsried and its citizens. With this project we are writing a new chapter in the energy transition. Here we show how Eavor-Loop technology can become a real game changer for the heating sector. Geretsried will thus become a role model for municipalities on the path to climate neutrality,” said Daniel Mölk, Managing Director of Eavor Erdwärme Geretsried GmbH.

The ILN is currently working on an online information platform to address the questions of locals on the topic of district heating in Geretsried.


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