20 Mar 2024

Mitsubishi Corporation and 7 Large International Companies Join Forces to Sponsor the Creation of a Global E-ng Coalition

20 Mar 2024  by acnnewswire   
Mitsubishi Corporation has entered into an MOU with other large international companies to sponsor the creation of a global coalition, the e-NG Coalition, which is exclusively dedicated to electric natural gas (e-NG or e-natural gas), also referred to as e-methane. The founding members of the e-NG Coalition include: •Engie•Mitsubishi Corporation•Osaka Gas•Sempra Infrastructure•TES•Tokyo Gas•Toho Gas•TotalEnergies.

e-NG is a synthetic gas produced by the combination of renewable hydrogen and recycled CO2 through methanation. With a molecular composition identical to conventional natural gas, it can be transported and stored utilizing existing infrastructures. e-NG is considered as a sustainable “drop-in” solution for gas consumers as it does not require the modification of industrial processes and applications to be used in place of conventional natural gas.

The founding members of the coalition believe e-NG can provide a meaningful contribution to the energy transition by accelerating the development of renewable hydrogen. With large industrial capabilities and investment potential, the founding members are committed to the development of e-NG projects globally.

The e-NG Coalition will be a global platform to raise awareness on e-NG, promote global tradability and use of e-NG, foster policy support and harmonization of applicable regulation and standards, and bolster collaboration across geographies and stakeholders along the e-NG value chain. Its purpose is to accelerate the development of e-NG in a reliable, affordable and sustainable way.

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