15 Mar 2024

Hungary to Launch Test Drilling for First Pumped Storage Plant

15 Mar 2024  by waterpowermagazine   
Hungary is set to commence test drillings for the construction of the nation's inaugural domestic pumped energy storage facility.

With the first phase poised to kick off in the coming weeks, exploratory drillings will be conducted in strategic locations across Borsod and Heves counties. These preliminary investigations represent a crucial milestone in a comprehensive feasibility study aimed at evaluating the viability of a long-term, sustainable energy strategy.

Hungary's ambitious push towards green energy comes amid a backdrop of significant advancements in solar energy capacities within the country. With installations boasting over 6000MW of capacity, Hungary is poised to leverage its burgeoning renewable energy infrastructure to drive forward its green energy agenda.

The proposed pumped storage facility will have a projected 600MW installed capacity capable of sustaining energy production for six hours. The project’s reservoirs will also host floating solar panels.

Ahead of the commencement of test drillings, meticulous planning has been undertaken to ensure adherence to stringent environmental standards. Access routes to drilling sites will utilize existing forest and agricultural roads, with measures in place to minimize disruption to local ecosystems.

Soil load-bearing capacity surveys have started and laboratory analyses of soil samples have been conducted.

Image courtesy of the linkedin page for Attila Steiner, State Secretary for Energy and Climate Policy


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