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06 Mar 2024

Biomass Power Association Rebrands as American Biomass Energy Association

06 Mar 2024  by biomassmagazine   
The Biomass Power Association announced today it is changing its name, effective immediately, to the American Biomass Energy Association. The announcement was made by ABEA Executive Director Carrie Annand on the first day of the 17th Annual International Biomass Conference & Expo in Richmond.

The American Biomass Energy Association will seamlessly step into BPA’s role leading the charge to advance the use of clean, renewable, and reliable domestic biomass energy through legislative and regulatory advocacy. ABEA members own and operate more than 80 biomass power plants in 20 states across the U.S. and produce eco-friendly renewable energy solutions that provide communities with always-on, locally sourced power that replaces the need for foreign oil or burning fossil fuels.

Most ABEA member companies convert wood and wood products including forest debris, wood “leftovers” from logging activities, and other discarded items into clean electricity. Some ABEA members create renewable electricity by using the same technology on rice hulls and nut shells. These processes prevent atmospheric emissions of methane released from rotting wood, and help reduce catastrophic wildfire risk in our forests. The biomass energy industry provides approximately 14,000 jobs nationwide, many of which are in rural areas.

“ABEA as an organization is going to maintain and build on BPA’s well-earned reputation as a strong presence among policymakers in Washington when issues relating to American biomass are on the table,” said Carrie Annand, ABEA’s executive director. “So not much is changing - ABEA just better captures who we are and what our members do, which is converting forestry and agricultural byproducts into renewable electricity. We will continue charging ahead on policy that supports our mission, while giving our members the forum to exchange ideas and collaborate.”


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