21 Feb 2024

EDP Renewables Inaugurates New Hybrid Photovoltaic and Wind Energy Project in Portugal

21 Feb 2024  by evwind   

The photovoltaic plant installed next to an operational wind farm nearly doubles renewable production at that location and accelerates the energy transition in the central region of the country. The projectis the second hybrid operation in Portugal. At the end of the first year, the first project of its kind in the country has already provided enough electricity to power 11 thousand homes.

EDP Renewables, a leading global player in the development of wind and solar projects, has commissioned Portugal’s second hybrid park that combines wind and solar energy in the same location, practically doubling the capacity for renewable electricity production in a single site.

Next to the São João Wind Farm, operational since 2008 with a capacity of 22.8 MW, the Monte de Vez photovoltaic solar plant was installed, with 21 MWp and an estimated annual production of 31.4 GWh. Combining both technologies, this complex can now produce 79 GWh of renewable energy per year, enough to supply 23 thousand families in the region annually.

With the installation of 36 thousand bifacial panels alongside the 13 wind turbines of the wind farm, it is possible to utilize the existing electrical grid and provide energy more consistently, thanks to the complementarity between wind and solar energy production more efficiently. This renewable complex will also avoid the emission of 40 thousand tons of CO2 per year, contributing to the decarbonization of the region.

Located in the municipalities of Penela, Coimbra district, and Ansião, Leiria district, these parks are part of EDP’s investment in the central region of the country, where the company already has over 280 MW of wind energy in operation.

“We are proud to once again be pioneers in Portugal and commission the country’s second hybrid park, harnessing the wind and sun of the region to increase the consumption of renewable energy. This project is part of EDP’s strategy to continue accelerating the national energy transition, whether by investing in new renewable projects or optimizing those that have already served the regions where they are located. We will continue to develop hybrid projects in Portugal and expect to implement another 700 MW in similar projects in the coming years,” highlights Hugo Costa, head of EDP Renováveis in Portugal.

The hybridization of existing assets, through the combination of technologies such as wind, solar, and hydro, is one of the main avenues for the growth of renewable energies, with several benefits for the sector: increased project efficiency, utilization and sharing of existing electrical infrastructure, promotion of cost stability, and reduction of environmental and landscape impact.

In January 2023, EDP had already commissioned the first wind/solar hybrid in the Iberian Peninsula, by adding the Mina de Orgueirel Photovoltaic Plant to the Mosteiro Wind Farm, in the municipality of Guarda. This project produced 37.4 GWh in its first year of operation, electricity that would be sufficient to supply 11 thousand households. During this first year, the emission of 19 thousand tons of CO2 into the atmosphere was also avoided. In addition to the hybrids operating in Portugal, the company was also a pioneer in installing the first hybrid project in Spain and Poland.

EDP currently has over 1600 MW of hybrid projects under study or development in Portugal and Spain, at various stages of maturity and with expected commissioning over the next few years. The company intends to continue investing in similar projects across all its geographies.

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