05 Feb 2024

Shell Joins Wave Power Project

05 Feb 2024  by energylivenews   

Image: Renewables for Subsea Power / Blue X

Shell has joined the Renewables for Subsea Power (RSP) project, a collaborative initiative utilising wave power and subsea energy storage to power subsea equipment off the Orkney coast.

The £2 million demonstrator, operational for nearly a year, connects Mocean Energy’s Blue X wave energy converter with Verlume’s Halo underwater battery storage system.

The project, located five kilometres east of Orkney Mainland, aims to demonstrate the integration of green technologies for reliable low carbon power and communications to subsea equipment, offering a cost-effective alternative to carbon-intensive umbilical cables.

The investment, facilitated through the Shell Technology – Marine Renewable Programme, aligns with the global research and development mission for marine renewable energy technologies to achieve lower emissions and build critical energy infrastructure.

Ian Crossland, Commercial Director at Mocean Energy said: “This new investment by Shell underscores the international interest in our pan-industry project and we look forward to working with them and exploring potential new applications for RSP’s combined technologies.”


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