16 Jan 2024

Airbus Launches ZEROe Development Center in Germany to Advance Hydrogen Technologies

16 Jan 2024  by bnnbreaking   
In a significant leap towards the decarbonization of the aerospace industry, Airbus has announced the inauguration of its ZEROe Development Center (ZEDC) in Stade, Germany. The newly established center will focus on advancing hydrogen technologies, specifically developing composite systems for the storage and distribution of cryogenic liquid hydrogen.

Accelerating Hydrogen System Development

The primary objective of the ZEDC is to design cost-effective lightweight hydrogen systems using composites, such as cryogenic hydrogen tanks. This center aims to address the technological challenges of handling and storing liquid hydrogen onboard aircraft, accelerating the development of composite hydrogen system technologies.

The development process at the ZEDC will encompass producing elementary parts, assembly, and rigorous testing of liquid hydrogen composite tanks. Such an integrated approach places the center at the forefront of technological innovation in the aerospace industry.

Airbus’s Commitment to Decarbonization

The establishment of the ZEDC aligns perfectly with Airbus’s overarching commitment to decarbonization. It is a part of a broader network of Airbus development centers across Europe – including Bremen, Germany; Nantes, France; Madrid, Spain; and Filton, UK – all working tirelessly towards the common goal of launching a hydrogen-powered aircraft by 2035.

Collaboration and Support

The ZEDC will collaborate closely with other Airbus entities in Germany and will benefit significantly from public funding. It integrates the expertise of German research and development in composites, drawing on the local composite research ecosystem.

Partnerships with entities such as the Composite Technology Center (CTC GmbH) and CFK NORD will further bolster the center’s research capabilities. Moreover, it will connect with the forthcoming Innovation and Technology Center Hydrogen (ITZ) in Northern Germany, further expanding its network and reach in the industry.


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