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22 Dec 2023

US Eastern Grid Operator Pjm Expects to Clear 300 New Power Projects in 2024

22 Dec 2023  by reuters   
PJM Interconnection, the biggest U.S. power grid operator, said on Thursday it expects to clear 300 new power generation projects totaling 26,000 Megawatt (MW) in 2024 under its overhauled review process.

The grid operator, which coordinates transmission across all or parts of 13 states from Indiana to Virginia, also identified an additional 46,000 MW of projects that should be able to clear its study process and be ready for construction by mid-2025.

The new review process helps improve project cost certainty for network upgrades and sets the stage for more than 260,000 MW of mostly renewable projects to be studied over the next three years, the grid operator said.

However, projects that have already been approved are running into delays, due to siting, supply chain and financing challenges, PJM said in a statement.

"While siting and supply chain issues continue to slow the development of new generation resources, there will be a growing number of projects approved for interconnection in the near term," said Ken Seiler, Sr., vice president of planning.


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