08 Dec 2023

CWP Partners With Djibouti Government to Speed Up 5-10 MW Green Hydrogen Project

08 Dec 2023  by offshore-energy   
Renewable energy developer CWP Global and the Government of the Republic of Djibouti have signed a joint declaration on accelerating CWP’s Green Star Hydrogen Hub, a 5-10 GW green hydrogen project that aims to redefine the energy landscape in the Horn of Africa.

Courtesy of CWP Global

The parties signed the joint declaration on the sidelines of the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai.

The declaration highlights immediate priorities for the Green Star Hydrogen Hub’s development, including resource measurement, socio-economic and environmental impact studies, infrastructure planning, and negotiations on core economic terms to ensure project success and bankability.

The Dubai Joint Declaration also recognizes that the project will contribute significantly to Djibouti’s economic diversification, providing high-skilled jobs, infrastructural investments, and access to affordable power and water.

Both parties have committed to a review of the progress by April 30, 2024.

Djibouti’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Yonis Ali Guedi, said: “Located in the Horn of Africa, at the junction of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, at the entrance to the Bab El Mandeb Strait and at the essential crossroads of several continents – Africa, Asia and Europe – Djibouti enjoys an excellent geostrategic position, on one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. It has significant solar and wind power resources, abundant available land and easy access to the sea, all of which are decisive factors for producing green hydrogen at competitive costs.

“Through the implementation of this large-scale 5 to 10 Gigawatt green hydrogen development project, we aim to make Djibouti a hub for this fuel of the future and supply green hydrogen to the thousands of ships using the Bab El Mandeb Strait.”

Alex Hewitt, CEO of CWP Global, commented on the partnership: “We are at a pivotal moment in the energy transition journey, not just in Africa, but for the global community. Our collaboration with the Republic of Djibouti in developing the Green Star Hydrogen Hub is more than an energy project; it’s a bold and brave statement of intent, underscoring the strategic role of Djibouti and the African continent in leading the shift towards clean, sustainable energy sources.

“By harnessing Djibouti’s exceptional renewable resources, and its strategically important location on one of the world’s busiest shipping routes, we are not only creating new opportunities for economic growth and diversification but also unlocking a cascading series of local gains for Djiboutians. This is about reimagining our energy systems, securing energy independence, and positioning Africa at the forefront of the global energy transition.”

CWP Global currently has a green hydrogen hub portfolio with a planned combined renewable power generation capacity of nearly 200 GW.

Earlier this year, CWP Global announced a strategic investment by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) in its development portfolio of ultra-large-scale green hydrogen hubs, including projects across Africa, Australia, and the Americas. Under the deal, CIP, through its Energy Transition Fund I, acquired a 26.67% stake in a development platform within CWP’s green hydrogen business.


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