23 Nov 2023

WaterNSW Supporting Regional Towns to Improve Dam Safety

23 Nov 2023  by waterpowermagazine   
In a significant move towards bolstering dam safety and water quality in regional New South Wales (NSW), WaterNSW has unveiled its Town Water Risk Reduction Program (TWRRP), a collaborative initiative with local councils and water utilities. The program is designed to address challenges faced by regional water utilities, focusing on source water quality for towns and the safety of dams.

The NSW Government has recently allocated $10 million in funding for TWRRP, marking a crucial step in supporting local water utilities in remote and regional areas. The initiative aims to not only reduce risks associated with water quality and dam safety but also to enhance the overall resilience of communities across the region.

Fiona Smith, WaterNSW Executive Manager of Strategy and Performance, emphasized the importance of collaboration in the water sector, highlighting the lessons learned from the recent drought. Smith stated: "This program is a whole-of-government response that brings the strengths of the major entities in the water sector to local councils, who can choose to engage with the skills and knowledge that will best assist them."

The TWRRP funding comes on the heels of successful pilot studies conducted by WaterNSW in collaboration with six regional councils, namely Tamworth, Orange, Clarence Valley, Tweed Shire, Hay Shire, and Murrumbidgee. These studies served as a precursor to the full-fledged program, providing insights into the unique challenges faced by regional communities and guiding the development of tailored solutions.

The allocated funds will enable WaterNSW to provide vital support to local water utilities, focusing on improving water security, safety, reliability, and quality. The program represents a holistic approach to building expertise and providing specialized skills, aiming to empower local councils with the tools necessary to navigate and overcome water-related challenges.

Clarrie Hall Dam, 15km south-west of Murwillumbah, is one of the Tweed Shire’s main water supply dams. Tweed Shire participated in one of the pilot studies. Image courtesy of WaterNSW


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