23 Oct 2023

Renewsys Unveils 600 W Topcon Solar Module With 23.26% Efficiency

23 Oct 2023  by pv-magazine   
RenewSys has launched Deserv Extreme, a new series of n-type TOPCon solar modules.

The line includes bifacial dual-glass modules with peak power outputs of 560 W to 600 W and front-side efficiencies of up to 23.26%. The rear side provides up to 20% additional gain in power generation, leading to power outputs of 720 Wp. The bifaciality factor is 70±5%.

The modules are built with 144 half-cut mono-crystalline solar cells. These feature an IP68-rated split junction box with three bypass diodes and an anodized aluminum alloy frame.

The modules can be used in operating temperatures of -40 C to 85 C. Pmax operating temperature coefficient is -0.29% per degree Celsius.

The modules will be commercially available from November 2023.

RenewSys is an integrated PV module manufacturer with 2.75 GW of panel production capacity, 4 GW of encapsulants, 4 GW of backsheets, and 130 MW of PV cells. It has produced and supplied more than 22 GW of encapsulants and backsheets throughout the world.


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