13 Oct 2023

Siemens Energy and Engie Achieve World's First 100% Renewable Hydrogen-Powered Gas Turbine

13 Oct 2023  by energynews   
European Hyflexpower consortium, spearheaded by Siemens Energy, has accomplished an unprecedented feat: powering a gas turbine entirely with renewable hydrogen. This revolutionary demonstration, known as Power to Hydrogen to Power (P2H2P), marks a historic milestone in clean energy production and paves the way for a greener industrial landscape.

The site chosen for this groundbreaking endeavor is the cogeneration unit at the Smurfit Kappa paper mill in Saillat-sur-Vienne, Haute-Vienne. What’s truly remarkable about this achievement is that it transcends the confines of the laboratory, showcasing the practical application of renewable hydrogen technology on an industrial scale.

At the heart of this transformation lies the 12 MW SGT-400 gas turbine, manufactured by Siemens Energy. To facilitate this transition, the combustion chamber of the turbine underwent modifications. The project began with a successful test using a mixture of 30% hydrogen produced on-site and natural gas, adhering to stringent European anti-pollution standards.

Engie, a major player in the energy industry, is instrumental in making this groundbreaking endeavor a reality. The achievement at Saillat-sur-Vienne isn’t merely a proof of concept; it signifies a crucial leap in the direction of large-scale, industrial clean energy solutions. The implications of this achievement are far-reaching.

The successful transition to a gas turbine powered exclusively by renewable hydrogen has the potential to reshape the industrial energy landscape. It opens doors to cleaner, more sustainable energy generation methods, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

The collaboration between Siemens Energy and Engie, two giants in the energy sector, has resulted in a pivotal moment for the global energy transition. It underscores the significance of cross-industry partnerships in driving innovation and sustainability.

Siemens Energy, known for its expertise in manufacturing industrial turbines, has played a pivotal role in retrofitting the SGT-400 turbine to utilize renewable hydrogen. This modification showcases the adaptability of existing infrastructure in embracing green technologies.

Engie, on the other hand, with its commitment to sustainable and decarbonized energy solutions, provides the necessary operational expertise to implement such a transformation successfully. Together, they have set a global example for transitioning towards cleaner energy sources.


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