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09 Oct 2023

Uzbekistan, Russia's Gazprom Talk Gas Supply Contracts

09 Oct 2023  by en.trend   
Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan, Russian Gazprom energy company are discussing medium- and long-term gas supply contracts, Trend reports.

On October 7, Presidents of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia launched Russian gas supplies to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan’s President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that the launch of this gas transportation corridor is of strategic importance.

“Firstly, this is an important factor in the energy security of our country and the entire region. Secondly, the supply will provide for additional volumes of gas for the uninterrupted supply of carbon to economic sectors and the population,” he noted.

As per Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Energy, supplies of Russian gas within the framework of a long-term partnership will help cover part of the gas shortage in Uzbekistan during the autumn-winter period, taking into account the growth of the economy, population and demand for energy resources in Uzbekistan.

In June, Uzbekistan and Gazprom signed an agreement on the supply of Russian gas to the country, as well as a roadmap for preparing the gas transportation system for acceptance and transportation of fuel.

Gazprom also signed an agreement with Kazakhstan’s QazaqGaz to provide services for the transportation of Russian natural gas through Kazakhstan for consumers in Uzbekistan.

The two-year agreement assumes a supply volume of 9 million cubic meters per day, almost 2.8 billion cubic meters per year.


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