18 Sep 2023

India's Push for Green Hydrogen

18 Sep 2023  by energynews   

India is gearing up for a pilot project to produce 100 MW of round-the-clock (RTC) power using green hydrogen as storage. This ambitious endeavor, set to launch soon, reflects India’s determination to lead the world in green hydrogen and ammonia production, propelled by its abundant and cost-effective renewable energy resources.

Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy RK Singh recently unveiled this groundbreaking initiative during the Fourth International Conference & Exhibition on Clean Energy. Singh’s vision for India extends beyond self-sufficiency; he aims to establish India as the largest producer and exporter of green hydrogen and ammonia, leveraging the nation’s remarkable capacity for generating low-cost renewable power.

India’s green hydrogen journey has already witnessed significant progress, with substantial manufacturing capabilities in place. This foundation positions the country favorably in its pursuit of green energy dominance.

A Multibillion-Dollar Investment Pipeline

India’s green energy ambitions are supported by a robust investment pipeline, poised to inject nearly $250 billion into the nation’s renewable energy and green hydrogen sectors. This surge in investments reflects the burgeoning interest in renewable energy and green hydrogen technologies. Minister Singh anticipates this investment wave to intensify as India solidifies its position as a global renewable energy leader.

Sanjiv Puri, President Designate of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Chairman and Managing Director of ITC Limited, emphasizes the pivotal role of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India’s economic landscape. He advocates for strategic collaborations between MSMEs and large corporations to facilitate the transition to sustainability. Such partnerships not only enhance the competitiveness of MSMEs but also guide them towards achieving a lower carbon footprint.

Unlocking India’s Renewable Energy Potential

During the conference, Minister Singh unveiled a comprehensive report titled “India’s Energy Transition.” This report, produced by CII-EY, sheds light on India’s potential to emerge as a global leader in renewable energy innovation and manufacturing. One key highlight is the significance of local manufacturing capabilities, which reduce import dependence and enhance supply chain resilience. This benefits not just India but the global renewable energy landscape.

In another significant move, Minister Singh introduced the “Energy Transition Investment Monitor” dashboard. This analytics platform meticulously tracks over 900 projects in renewable energy services and technology supply chains. These projects are pivotal in fostering economic development and align seamlessly with India’s long-term climate action objectives and energy security goals.


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