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16 Sep 2023

Tesla Might Have 2 Million Cybertruck Reservations, Tally Says

16 Sep 2023  by electrek   

Tesla could be sitting on as many as 2 million Cybertruck reservations ahead of the production launch, according to a customer tally.

If you are perusing social media and the comments on recent Cybertruck sightings, you might get the impression that a lot of people hate how the electric pickup truck looks, and that’s true. The Tesla Cybertruck has a polarizing design that is hated by many, but it is also loved by many, as proven by the large number of reservations for the truck.

While the vehicle’s premiere in 2019 wasn’t without issue or criticism, with the unbreakable window demonstration failing, it also helped generate a lot of attention. CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla received over 250,000 reservations for the Cybertruck within a week of unveiling the vehicle.

Generally, Tesla receives a lot of reservations early after an unveiling, and then things taper off – but that wasn’t the case with the Cybertruck.

Even throughout the pandemic, insider sources told Electrek that some Tesla stores were getting hundreds of Cybertruck reservations per week and that pre-orders even helped boost sales of other Tesla vehicles.

By 2021, a crowdsourced Cybertruck reservation tally was putting the pre-orders at over 1 million units.

Two years later, the tally, which now includes over 47,000 self-reported reservations, put the total Cybertruck reservations at over 2 million:

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Those reservations were also made at a time when the price was given a "ballpark" of $39k for RWD, $49k for dual-motor, and $69k for tri-motor in 2019. Needless to say a lot has happened since then, and no doubt reservations will take a hit once the official specs and prices are revealed.

That being said, Cybertruck will undoubtedly be hugely successful out the gate. Once Cybertrucks have been out in the wild for awhile and people have been able to test how practical they are, then and only then (I think) will we get a better idea of how successful the Cybertruck will continue to be.

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Now, Tesla is only asking for a $100 refundable deposit to “reserve” the Cybertruck, which is not the biggest show of interest and is a much lower cost of entry than previous Tesla launches. However, even with a 20% take rate, that would quickly make the Cybertruck one of the best-selling pickups in the world.

The mix of reservations also shows that most potential buyers would be interested in the dual- and tri-motor versions of the electric pickup truck.

It’s also interesting to note that those reservations are coming without even knowing the final price and configurations of the Cybertruck, which Tesla won’t share until an upcoming delivery event.

Tesla is expected to announce a date for the highly-anticipated start of Cybertruck deliveries in the near future.

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