01 Sep 2023

Google Will Use Its Vast Data and AI to Help Deploy Solar

01 Sep 2023  by renewableenergyworld   
Google is mobilizing its vast data set and artificial intelligence to help streamline solar power deployment. (Courtesy: Google)

Google is launching a program to utilize the tech giant’s data and artificial intelligence to streamline solar deployment around the world.

In 2015, Google launched Project Sunroof in an attempt to help homeowners explore the estimated solar potential of savings in their area. Businesses became interested in this data, Google said, so the company is now releasing a new Solar API tool.

Google’s Solar API uses mapping and computing resources to make detailed rooftop solar potential data available for more than 320 million buildings across 40 countries, including the U.S., France, and Japan.

Google trained its AI model to extract 3D information about the roof geometry directly from aerial imagery, along with details about trees and shade. Plus, the Solar API accounts for factors like historical weather patterns in the area, energy costs, and more.

The goal is to allow solar installers to understand solar potential and costs before ever visiting an area, in addition to quickly and efficiently educating homeowners on their options.

Google shared images with Renewable Energy World of the Solar API in action. The platform can provide a solar potential analysis that includes a building’s estimated energy usage, solar panel installation size, installation cost, and lifetime savings based on module costs.


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