29 Aug 2023

Tata Steel and Acme Group Unite for India's Largest Green Hydrogen Venture

29 Aug 2023  by energynews   

Tata Steel Special Economic Zone Limited (TSSEZL) and ACME Group have signed a momentous Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a groundbreaking green hydrogen and green ammonia project at the Gopalpur Industrial Park in Odisha, India. This endeavor marks the state’s debut in the green hydrogen domain and positions the East Coast of India at the forefront of the clean energy revolution.

The collaboration sets the stage for establishing the country’s largest single-location green hydrogen and derivatives manufacturing facility. ACME Group, through its subsidiary ACME Clean Energy Private Limited, will acquire 343 acres of land at Gopalpur Industrial Park for this endeavor, with an estimated investment of Rs 27,000 crore.

The MoU outlines stringent emission criteria for hydrogen production to qualify as “green.” The hydrogen production process must maintain well-to-gate emissions below two kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent for every kilogram of hydrogen produced (2 kg CO2 equivalent/kg H2).

Odisha’s commitment to a sustainable future is highlighted by Hemant Sharma, Principal Secretary of Industries and Chairman of IDCO and IPICOL. He envisions the state as a hub for green hydrogen and green ammonia, positioning Odisha at the vanguard of the green fuel revolution.

ACME Group aims to establish a significant 1.3 MTPA green ammonia production facility at Gopalpur Industrial Park. The facility will produce green ammonia from green hydrogen, powered by renewable energy sources. The green ammonia produced will be exported via the Gopalpur Port facility, establishing a robust supply chain.

Gopalpur Industrial Park, under Tata Steel Special Economic Zone Limited, is becoming a beacon of industrial growth, attracting investments and contributing to India’s manufacturing prowess.

This collaboration positions India as a global hub for green hydrogen and derivatives, a significant step towards decarbonization and energy sustainability. The project’s realization is a testament to both India’s commitment to clean energy and the power of strategic partnerships in reshaping the energy landscape.

Tata Steel’s Hydrogen Injection Experiment Marks Major Step Towards Green Steel Production

In an innovative move towards sustainable steel production, Tata Steel commenced a pioneering experiment in April 2023, injecting hydrogen gas into 40% of the injection systems in its E-blast furnace at the steel plant in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. The experiment, a global first of its kind, aimed to explore the potential of hydrogen as a reducing agent in steelmaking and its role in curbing carbon emissions.

The initial trial proved highly successful, paving the way for Tata Steel to embark on plans to expand the utilization of hydrogen in its steel manufacturing processes. T V Narendran, the company’s CEO and MD, expressed optimism about the results, highlighting that the success of the pilot project has spurred the decision to extend the hydrogen injection initiative.

However, Narendran emphasized the critical need for green hydrogen availability in Eastern India for seamless integration of the technology. Green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy sources, is vital for ensuring a low-carbon future for industries like steel manufacturing. The viability of scaling up hydrogen injection hinges on the accessibility and sustainability of green hydrogen in the region.

Hydrogen injection in blast furnaces is a transformative step in reducing coal consumption and subsequently curbing carbon emissions. This technology serves as a bridge toward a greener future for the steel industry. Hydrogen acts as both an energy source and a reductant of emissions in the steelmaking process, underscoring its pivotal role in transitioning the industry toward sustainability.

Narendran also shed light on Tata Steel’s operations in the Netherlands, where the company is leading a transition from coal to gas to hydrogen. This strategic shift reflects the growing recognition of hydrogen’s significance in decarbonizing industries. Tata Steel Netherlands is poised to become one of the largest consumers of hydrogen in the nation, demonstrating the global reach and impact of hydrogen-based technologies.


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