14 Aug 2023

Indian State Jharkhand Releases O&M Tenders for 212 Solar Minigrids

14 Aug 2023  by microgridknowledge   
Located in eastern India, the state of Jharkhand is perhaps best known for its stunning waterfalls and for being a rich source of minerals. Uranium, granite, gold and silver are abundant in the region, but so too are minigrids ­­– and the local government is on the hunt for providers that can keep the fleet running smoothly in the long-term.

The Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA) has issued seven tenders for the maintenance and operation of solar minigrids.

All told, the tenders cover a whopping 212 solar minigrids plants across seven districts including 68 in Chatra, 23 in Gumla, 14 in Hazaribagh, 17 in Pakur, 37 in Sahibganj, 60 in Simdega, and 47 in West Singhbhum.

Minigrids key to rural electrification

Minigrids, which are sometimes referred to as remote microgrids, are popular in countries with large rural or remote populations.

With more 37 million residents, most of whom live in rural areas, Jharkhand relies on solar minigrids as a part of its energy landscape. They provide electricity for homes, agriculture, business and industry, schools, medical facilities and public safety.

While the sheer quantity of minigrids covered in the tenders is impressive, the technology is not new to the country.

Husk Power announced that it would be building 80 new microgrids in India, adding to the estimated 150 community microgrids the company had already completed in the country.

A comprehensive O&M contract

The tenders require the provider assume responsibility for a five-year comprehensive maintenance contract and operation (CMCO) that includes preventative and corrective maintenance, parts replacement and a five-year battery warranty.

The contract also requires the vendor have at least two skilled workers on site at specified minigrid plants 24 hours a day.

Complete bids, including all technical and financial documentation required, must be submitted to JREDA by August 22.

Winners will be selected based on the lowest bid price from eligible applicants.

Details on eligibility, key milestones and other details can be found in each tender listed on the JREDA website.


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