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08 Jun 2023

GE-Powered Combined Cycle Plant Now Providing 1.8 GW of Electricity in Ohio

08 Jun 2023  by power-eng   
A new 1,875 MW combined cycle plant is now online in Guernsey County in Southeastern Ohio, according to an announcement by GE.

The Guernsey Power Station is owned and operated by Caithness Energy and equipped with three GE 7HA.02 gas turbines powering three W84 generators, three STF-A650 steam turbines and three GE triple pressure with reheat Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG).

GE will also provide predictive analytics under a 20-year agreement.

GE and Caithness Energy noted that coal-fired generation retirements in the PJM energy market might outpace new entry. At the same time, load will increase, which can create concerns over resource adequacy and grid stability in the region.

“In 2022, coal-fired plant retirements accounted for approximately 89% of retired capacity in the PJM region and as more and more coal fired plants are retired, the need for thermal resources and the essential reliable and flexible power they provide is crucial for grid stability and to help meet the increasing demand for power,” said Ross D. Ain, President of Caithness Energy.

GE said the Guernsey Power Station can deliver the equivalent electricity needed to power approximately 1.4 million U.S. homes within the PJM market.


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