05 Jun 2023

ACWA Power Unveils Massive Solar-Powered Jubail 3A Desalination Plant

05 Jun 2023  by utilities-me   

ACWA Power, in partnership with Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC) and AlBawani Water & Power Company (AWP), has successfully launched the groundbreaking Jubail 3A independent water desalination plant, known as Jazlah Water Desalination Company.

This significant achievement comes after the plant received the commercial operation certificate from Saudi Water Partnership Co. (SWPC), marking the official start of its full-time operations.

Jazlah stands out as the first-of-its-kind project in Saudi Arabia, seamlessly integrating photovoltaic (PV) solar power with water desalination processes.

With an impressive budget of $650 million, the Jazlah plant, located in Jubail, has set a remarkable world efficiency record of 2.8 kWh/cubic meter of water, utilising the abundant resources of Arabian Gulf Seawater.

As the inaugural Independent Water Project (IWP) in the eastern region, Jazlah boasts a remarkable production capacity of 600,000 cubic meters of desalinated water per day, effectively meeting the surging water demands in the area.

At the heart of the Jazlah project lies a cutting-edge 45.5 MW solar PV power generation facility, accounting for 20% of the plant’s energy consumption.

By harnessing the power of reverse osmosis (RO) technology, the plant will deliver pristine and clean water at an unprecedented tariff rate of 0.41 USD/m3, catering to the needs of over three million people.

The incorporation of advanced PV and RO technologies in the plant’s operations will pave the way for a significant reduction of 60,000 tons of carbon emissions annually, making a tangible impact on both social and economic advancement in accordance with the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia firmly believes that these visionary projects align perfectly with the objectives and plans outlined in the National Water Strategy.

The strategy places a strong emphasis on enhancing private sector participation in water production projects and ensuring the equitable supply of drinking water to all regions across the Kingdom.

The Jazlah project assumes a dual role, meeting the water demand in the Riyadh and Qassim regions while bolstering the overall development of the sector.

It aims to elevate service quality, optimise expenditure efficiency, and tap into the private sector’s expertise in construction, operation, and management, all of which are integral components of the Kingdom’s transformative Vision 2030.

In a remarkable feat, the Jazlah project achieved an impressive 40% local content, amounting to SAR 1.5 billion in expenditure.

The Jazlah project also boasts a workforce comprising 100% Saudi nationals, underscoring its dedication to nurturing a skilled and educated workforce.

Saudi Arabia has attributed the project’s success to the dedication of a consortium comprising ACWA Power (40.2%), Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC) (40%), and AlBawani Water & Power Company (AWP) (19.8%).

The project execution was further facilitated by the collective efforts of the EPC consortium, consisting of Power China, Sepco III, Lantania, and Abengoa, with SWPC serving as the offtaker of the plant’s output.


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