05 Jun 2023

Burgos Leads the Way in the Adoption of Hydrogen as a Sustainable Energy Source

05 Jun 2023  by energynews   
Although slowly, the evolution and development of hydrogen as a source of green energy for the future of industries and mobility is gaining momentum with each passing day.

The Castilian and Leonese Hydrogen Association (H2CyL) stands as tangible evidence of the fervent interest among numerous companies from Burgos and other parts of the region to embrace this promising energy source.

The H2CyL, which was introduced on March 16 with twenty founding members, has now witnessed its ranks swell to more than 40 in just two months, effectively doubling its membership. Javier Robador, the manager of H2CyL, highlights the increasing interest in the aid being provided, emphasizing the need for synergies between engineering and final consumers to prepare and implement hydrogen projects. Among the companies showing the greatest interest in joining the association are those in the metal and transport sectors, indicating a widespread recognition of hydrogen’s potential. Although H2CyL represents firms from across Castilla y León, its epicenter lies in the province of Burgos.

Companies in Burgos and the wider region are positioning themselves to leverage the upcoming opportunities. They eagerly await the allocation of funds from the Pioneers II program, a state call for 150 million euros aimed at promoting projects focused on renewable hydrogen. This program aims to stimulate commercial viability in the production and local consumption of hydrogen. Additionally, H2CyL expects another significant disbursement from Brussels, which will provide subsidies for decarbonization processes, enabling companies in the province to adapt to new energy vectors and promote sustainability. However, the looming deadline for project submissions, set for July 31, has heightened nervousness among H2CyL associates.

“There are a lot of expectations, and all companies will want to bid. However, there are not enough experts in the sector to prepare projects,” warns Robador. The high demand for project expertise and guidance has led many H2CyL members to seek assistance and clarification on the Pioneers II program. Formed at the beginning of 2023 through collaboration between the Caja de Burgos Foundation and the firms Hiperbaric, Desmasa, and Aciturri, H2CyL remains open to any company in Castilla y León interested in hydrogen technology and its potential applications.

The province of Burgos serves as a hotbed for advanced green hydrogen projects. One noteworthy endeavor is being pursued by Ibereólica in Lerma, where renewable hydrogen will be produced through electricity generation from a combination of a 34 MW wind farm and a 15 MW photovoltaic solar plant. This project highlights the integration of multiple renewable energy sources to produce hydrogen sustainably.

Another significant undertaking is set to take place in Villalonquéjar, spearheaded by the Basque engineering company Sener. Starting in 2026, this initiative will establish a 40 MW electrolysis facility at the heart of the polygon, enabling the generation of green hydrogen. The project has already garnered substantial interest from numerous firms seeking to embrace this renewable energy source as a replacement for natural gas.

The goals of these projects extend beyond their immediate implementation. The adoption of advanced green hydrogen technologies has the potential to revolutionize energy production and consumption, significantly reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the impact of climate change. Furthermore, the widespread use of hydrogen as an energy source in industries and mobility could lead to increased energy efficiency, improved air quality, and enhanced sustainability.

As the interest in hydrogen continues to surge, Burgos stands at the forefront of this energy transition. Through collaborations, investments, and the support of initiatives like H2CyL, the province is positioning itself as a hub for innovative hydrogen solutions, fostering a cleaner and greener future for industries and mobility.


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