02 Jun 2023

New York Residential Complex With Integrated Geothermal Tops Out

02 Jun 2023  by thinkgeoenergy   

Coney Island, New York, USA (source: Thomas Angermann / flickr, Creative Commons)
The first multi-family residential complex with an integrated geothermal system in New York City has topped out. When fully developed, the 1515 Surf Avenue project in Coney Island will become the largest active geothermal system in the history of the city. The project is expected to be completed early next year.

We had first reported on this project in the latter half of 2022, but the plans for it had been in place since 2020. The project is being developed by LCOR and designed by STUDIO V Architecture. The geothermal system had been designed and installed by Ecosave USA. Wells installed deep underground use the ambient temperature at the subsurface to provide either heating or cooling to the building. A total of 153 wells were drilled to a depth of 500 feet.

According to Ecosave, the geothermal system will reduce the energy consumption of the building by 60% compared to other New York residential high-rise buildings with conventional HVAC systems. It will also save some USD 7 million in energy costs and prevent nearly 24 million tons of CO2 emissions over 20 years.

“1515 Surf proved that high-rise buildings can be built above geothermal well fields, and through its efficient full electrification and the usage of renewable green energy we can run zero carbon buildings today,” said Marcelo Rouco, CEO of Ecosave USA.

1515 Surf Avenue is only one of several buildings in New York City that are being designed with geothermal systems. This has been in response to the city’s new carbon emission caps on buildings that are larger than 25,000 square feet, which will be enforced by 2024. As LCOR’s Anthony Tortora previously said, there are now real financial consequences to designing buildings that will run off natural gas or other carbon-emitting fuels.


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