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26 May 2023

Prieto Introduces Latest Prototype of 3D Li-Ion Battery With 3-Minute Charging

26 May 2023  by greencarcongress   

Prieto Battery, a company commercializing a 3D Lithium-ion battery technology (earlier post), unveiled the most recent prototype of its patented 3D interdigitated battery that:

Supports a 3-minute hyper-fast full charge, with a 50% charge in 90 seconds;

Operates and charges in extremely low (-30 ˚C) and high (+100 ˚C) temperatures; and

Is Nonflammable.

All three attributes of Prieto’s lithium-ion battery were tested and validated by a third-party accredited battery testing lab, Prieto said.

Today’s batteries use a 2D architecture comprising stacked layers that must always compromise between energy storage and fast charging. In 2D batteries, energy can only flow in one direction across a two-dimensional plane. To charge, lithium ions must flow from one surface to the other, resulting in serious limitations. Thicker 2D batteries store more energy, but the long ion pathways result in slow charging. Thinner 2D batteries can charge faster but cannot store much energy.

Prieto’s 3D architecture is completely different; the 3D structure enables high electrode surface area for increased energy density with shorter ion pathways supporting fast charging.

Prieto has been issued 28 patents for its technology covering materials, architecture and manufacturing in 7 distinct patent families across the world.


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