25 May 2023

Geothermal Agriculture Zone Planned in Usak, Türkiye

25 May 2023  by thinkgeoenergy   
Usak Governorship information meeting (source: Usak Governorship)
A geothermal-sourced Agricultural Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (TDIOSB) in planned to be in the Hamam Bogazi area of Banaz district of Usak, Türkiye. An information meeting for this project had recently been held between the stakeholders -the Usak Special Provincial Administration, Usak Municipality, Usak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UTSO), Commodity Exchange, Banaz Municipality, and Beet Growers Cooperative (PANKOP).

The meeting was held with the project stakeholders to discuss the technical details of the preparation within the framework of the provisions of the “Regulation on Specialized Organized Industrial Zones Based on Agriculture” published in the Official Gazette dated 25.11.2017 and numbered 30251.

After the meeting, the technical team of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry conducted an investigation and exchanged information on the area determined as the TDIOSB site.

The Hamam Bogazi region is considered to have a high potential for geothermal resources. Hot water for greenhouse heating will be extracted from eight kilometers away in a license area belonging to the special provincial administration. The plan is to establish 25 greenhouse enterprises for growing fruits and vegetables within the 2400 decares of the TDIOSB.

A few weeks ago, the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry approved the proposed Balikesir-Gönen TDIOSB, which is set to become the country’s largest TDIOSB and the 38th green TDIOSB project.


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