23 May 2023

Accelera Unveils Breakthrough Electrolyzer Manufacturing Facility

23 May 2023  by energynews   

Cummins Inc.’s zero-emissions business segment, Accelera, has commenced operations at its first U.S. electrolyzer production site in Fridley, Minnesota.

This strategic move is poised to play a crucial role in the decarbonization of transportation and industry by expanding the availability of green hydrogen. The article delves into the goals, technology, and potential impact of Accelera’s electrolyzer production, shedding light on the company’s commitment to advancing zero-emission technologies in North America.

Accelera aims to address the pressing need for large-scale electrolysis to produce green hydrogen. By establishing a dedicated electrolyzer production facility, the company seeks to scale up the deployment of zero-emissions technologies across North America. This strategic expansion aims to meet the increasing demand for green hydrogen and accelerate its adoption in various sectors, thereby contributing to the overall decarbonization efforts.

Accelera’s electrolyzer production site in Fridley will initially occupy 89,000 sq. ft. of the existing Cummins facility, with plans to employ around 100 people by 2024. The facility will manufacture the HyLYZER product line, consisting of proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers. These electrolyzers, including the HyLYZE®-500, HyLYZER-1000, and HyLYZER-5000, offer a range of power capacities from 1.25 MW to over 200 MW, catering to both small- and large-scale hydrogen generation projects.

With an annual production capacity of 500 MW, Accelera intends to further scale up to 1 GW in the future, demonstrating its commitment to meeting the growing demand for green hydrogen infrastructure.

Accelera has already made a mark in the hydrogen industry by powering the world’s largest operational PEM electrolyzer system in Bécancour, Quebec. This accomplishment showcases Accelera’s expertise and technical capabilities in developing cutting-edge hydrogen technologies.

Beyond electrolyzer production, Accelera boasts a comprehensive portfolio of zero-emission solutions. In addition to hydrogen production electrolyzers, the company offers fuel cells that operate on hydrogen and battery and electrified systems that can be integrated into both battery-electric and fuel-cell electric powertrains. This diverse range of technologies positions Accelera as a holistic provider of zero-emission solutions for various industries.

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