Thermal Power

23 May 2023

Mitsubishi Power to Supply 340MW Gas Turbines for Meranti Power’s Jurong Power Plant

23 May 2023  by Asian Power   

The M701F-series gas turbines would increase the facility's electricity production.

Mitsubishi Power will design and manufacture two 340MW M701F-series open-cycle gas turbines (OCGTs) for Meranti Power's facility at Jurong Island as part of a consortium with Jurong Engineering Limited.

The gas turbines can operate with a 30% hydrogen fuel mix and configure for a 100% hydrogen firing in the future.

Once installed, the OCGTs will ramp up the power facility's power production to deliver electricity on demand, minimize the risk of energy disruption, and enhance the country's overall grid stability.

The OCGT power facility at Jurong Island will be in commercial operation by mid-2025.


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