04 May 2023

XGS Energy Appoints Josh Prueher as CEO

04 May 2023  by thinkgeoenergy   

XGS Energy, a leader in geothermal energy technology, has appointed Josh Prueher as its new CEO. Josh brings a wealth of experience in scaling early-stage energy technology companies. His expertise in leading companies from technology development to commercialization will accelerate the deployment of XGS geothermal energy technology globally.

Josh is an experienced CEO with a proven track record in product development, strategy, and commercialization for early-stage energy companies. He most recently served as the Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Broad Reach Power, a leading U.S. energy storage infrastructure, technology, and power trading company. Prior to founding Broad Reach Power, Josh founded FlexGen Power Systems, an energy storage and power conversion software technology company.

Earlier in his career, Josh was a Vice President at Goldman Sachs, where he executed $15 billion in M&A and capital markets transactions. He also had a distinguished military career as a Naval Intelligence Officer.

“XGS’ proprietary technology unlocks access to an abundant, global, carbon-free energy resource. With such a strong team behind the technology, the company has the potential to be one of the largest and most significant energy companies of the 21st century,” said Josh Prueher. “I am excited to be on board, continue building out a world-class technical team, and driving this technology into widespread commercial adoption.”

“Josh is an impressive leader, who understands how to build successful teams and bring differentiated energy technologies to market,” said Craig Barrett, Chairman of the Board at XGS. “I am thrilled to welcome him at this important inflection point for XGS, and work together to bring this technology to the forefront of the growing geothermal energy industry.”

We recently had an interview with Ghazal Izadi, COO of XGS Energy, covering the company’s heat harvesting technology and how it can help make “Geothermal Anywhere” a reality. Read the full interview here.


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