26 Apr 2023

43.09GW of Modules Shipped! Trina Solar Releases 2022 Annual Report

26 Apr 2023  by   

On 24 April 2023, Trina Solar (688599.SH), a leading global solar PV and smart energy integrated solution provider, released its 2022 annual report. Its revenue was 85.052 billion yuan in 2022, up 91.21% year on year, and its net profit was 3.680 billion yuan, up 103.97% year on year.

Its PV module shipments were 43.09GW, with revenue of 63.1 billion yuan, up 83.47% year on year, and gross margin of 11.87%, down 0.56% year on year.

PV system products achieved revenue of 14.2 billion yuan, up by 212.16% year on year, and gross margin of 17.03%, down by 0.11% year on year.

The solar power plant business achieved revenue of 3.62 billion yuan, up by 3.61% year on year, and gross margin of 15.89%, up by 4.19% year on year.

Smart microgrid and multi-energy systems achieved revenue of 2.3 billion yuan, up by 1,328.23% year on year, with a gross margin of 9.01%, down by 1.68% year on year.

In addition, Trina’s power generation and operation business achieved revenue of 2.89 billion yuan, a decrease of 65.51% year on year, with a gross profit margin of 56.97%, an increase of 4.24% year on year.

In the announcement, Trina Solar stated that the growth was mainly due to the rapid development of its photovoltaic product business under the guidance of global low-carbon policies and the increased market demand for photovoltaic products. The company continued to leverage its global brand and channel advantages. PV module shipments and sales increased significantly year on year. Meanwhile, profit was increased by effectively controlling raw material costs, shipping costs and other comprehensive costs.


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