Thermal Power

04 Apr 2023

JERA’s Anegasaki Thermal Power Station Unit Starts Operations

04 Apr 2023  by Asian Power   

Its second unit has a 650MW capacity.

JERA started the operations of the Anegasaki Thermal Power Station New Unit 2 with a capacity of around 650 megawatts (MW) on 1 April.

In a statement, JERA said the new unit, which it has been replacing through its subsidiary JERA Power Anegasaki G.K., is a liquified natural gas (LNG)-fired power station that uses a gas turbine combined-cycle power generation system (GTCC).

It will also reduce carbon dioxide emissions, JERA said.

The thermal power station’s New Unit 1 started operation in February 2023, whilst the New Unit 3 is planned to go online in August. These units which have a capacity of 650MW are LNG-fired and use GTCC for power generation.

The Anegasaki Units 5 and 6 which have a capacity of 600MW each, started operation in April 1977 and October 1979, respectively. Fired using LNG, the units generate power through steam.

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