04 Apr 2023

Element 1 and Mmm Energy to Deliver Methanol-To-Hydrogen Generators to the Energy Industry

04 Apr 2023  by h2-view   

Element 1 and MMM Energy have signed a strategic partnership agreement to enable the production of methanol-to-hydrogen generators.

The agreement, signed through affiliate Methanol Reformer SL, will see the development, manufacturing, and commercialisation of Element 1’s technology, with the collaboration scope focusing on Europe, LATAM and Australia.

Methanol Reformer SL has manufactured the technology and is closing in on partnerships with fuel cell manufactures to provide customers with a fully integrated solution system, allowing the production of hydrogen (from 9.6 to 26kg/h) and electricity on demand.

Methanol-to-hydrogen generators can produce hydrogen with a high purity exceeding 99.9% using clean fuels to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and full carbon neutrality can be achieved by using ‘green methanol’.

Dave Edlund, CEO of Element 1, said, “Producing high-purity hydrogen economically at the point of use leverages the attractiveness of hydrogen as an energy-dense and renewable fuel, while largely mitigating the storage and transportation challenges that are preventing hydrogen from achieving widespread utilisation in both stationary and mobility applications.”

Jordi Priu, CEO of MMM Group, added, “We strongly believe that Element 1’s solutions fit very well as an energy solution to many of the challenges we actually have in the world, such as Green Deal, sustainability, decarbonisation and lack of energy.

“The methanol-to-hydrogen generator technology, together with our industrial experience of more than 70 years, and our international presence, will be key for the success of the project.”

The hydrogen generator solution is scalable, modular and plug and play for expanded hydrogen or electric power deployments.

RIX Industries announced last year it had received an order for its methanol-to-hydrogen reformer (M2H2) systems, which integrates technology licensed by Element 1.

Under the contract, 10 RIX M2H2 Series Systems will be delivered to US-based Maritime Partners to eliminate the need of on-board high-pressure gas or cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage.


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