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29 Mar 2023

Shift to Wind Farm Operation Marks Key Milestone for Renewable Power Capital Since Its Inception in December 2020

29 Mar 2023  by   
OX2 has transferred operation of the Puutikankangas, Rustari and Merkkikallio onshore wind farms to Renewable Power Capital (RPC) as the sites begin exporting power to Finland’s electricity network.
The combined yearly production of the wind farms is 590GWh, enough to power 118,000 households. The installed capacity of all projects totals 171MW.
RPC and OX2 are grateful for the local communities’, cities’, and stakeholders’ co-operation during the development and construction of the wind farms.
Today, OX2 and RPC announce the handover of the Rustari and Puutikankangas wind farms in Finland to RPC. The construction of these wind farms began in early 2021, and now that construction is complete, RPC will commence operation of the wind farms as they export power to Finland’s grid.
The Rustari and Puutikankangas handovers follow the transfer of the 15-turbine Merkkikallio wind farm to RPC last month.
Rustari wind farm, which is located in Kurikka city in the region of South Ostrobothnia, has an installed capacity of 44 MW and comprises 8 turbines. The operational wind farm has an estimated yearly production of about 160GWh, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of around 32,000 households. Puutikankangas wind farm is also in operation and similarly has an estimated yearly production of about 150GWh. It has an installed capacity of 44MW, which equates to the electricity consumption of about 30,000 households.
RPC entered the market to accelerate the growth of renewable energy across Europe through long-term investment. A core part of its strategy is owning and managing the renewable energy projects it invests in over the long term, creating value over decades rather than just months.
Bob Psaradellis, CEO of Renewable Power Capital, said: “The change in responsibility from investor to operator marks a significant milestone for us. We are looking forward to playing a long-term and positive role in the communities we invest in, while bringing more renewables to Finland’s grid. Today we are proud to deliver clean, green, and affordable power to Europe.”


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