24 Mar 2023

Habas to Explore Geothermal in Aliaga, Türkiye to Heat Air Separation Facility

24 Mar 2023  by thinkgeoenergy   

Habas Air Separation Facility (source: Habas)
Industrial gas producer Habas will explore the use of geothermal resources in the Aliaga district of Izmir, Türkiye for the company's Air Separation Facility.

Industrial gas producer HABAS Group will explore for geothermal resources by drilling a borehole in the Aliaga district of Izmir, Türkiye. The source will be used to supply heat to the company’s Air Separation Plant. The project cost is estimated to be 10 million TL (approx. USD 525,000).

One borehole will be drilled in the company’s own license area of 1658 hectares. The borehole is planned for a depth of 650±200 meters and will require a working area of 400 square meters. Since the study is a detection drilling activity, there will be no production or use case. The geothermal fluid temperature to be taken from the drilling location determined as a result of the research is expected to be around 34-38 °C.

Air separation plants, each producing liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and argon with the most modern technology, are located in four locations: Ankara, Izmir, Kocaeli, and Bilecik. Habas is the largest medical and industrial oxygen producer in the Middle East and Southeast Europe, and has a daily production capacity of 5,500 tons of liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and argon.


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