09 Mar 2023

Joint Venture Formed for Deep Geothermal in Vienna, Austria

09 Mar 2023  by thinkgeoenergy   

The Danube River in Vienna, Austria (source: jay8085 / flickr, Creative Commons)
The OMV Group and Wien Energie have formed a joint venture for the design, development, and operation management of the deep geothermal potential in the Vienna Basin in Austria. This joint venture carries on the previous cooperation between the two companies as part of the GeoTief Wien project.

With this joint venture, the cooperation will be further intensified and the two companies will be pooling their expertise to explore, develop, and utilize deep geothermal energy in the Greater Vienna area. Both companies bring extensive experience and technical skills in their areas of expertise.

Wien Energie operates numerous heat generation plants and one of the largest district heating networks in Europe. By 2040, Wien Energie aims to make district heating generation completely carbon-neutral. Geothermal energy plays a decisive role in this. In cooperation with partners such as OMV, Wien Energie has been researching the potential in the Vienna region for many years and plans to build the first deep geothermal plant in Aspern as soon as 2026.

As a globally active group, OMV brings decades of experience in the fields of geology and geophysics as well as drilling and production technology. The use of deep geothermal energy is a stated goal of OMV’s Strategy 2030 to provide low-CO2 forms of energy in the future. In late 2022, OMV reported the completion of testing for geothermal production from an old natural gas well in the Vienna Basin.


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