08 Mar 2023

YENADER, Enel Explore Possible Geothermal Partnership of Italy and Türkiye

08 Mar 2023  by thinkgeoenergy   

YENADER meets with CoSviG and Enel Green Power in Tuscany, Italy (source: YENADER)
Representatives from the Renewable Energy Research Association (YENADER) of Türkiye, the Geothermal Fields Development Consortium (Co.Svi.G) and Enel Green Power came together in Tuscany, Italy to discuss the use of geothermal resources in Italy and explore possible collaborations between the two countries.

Loredana Torsello, Head of Geothermal Energy Development Division of Co.Svi.G, said that in the Tuscany Region, Co.Svi.G is a public company and consists of 16 municipalities, local governments, and companies operating in geothermal energy.

Stating that this 20-year-old model is an example in the world, Torsello said, “With the model established in 1988, cooperation was made with local governments in geothermal energy. Organization of technical and financial requirements for needed investments has been facilitated and awareness has been increased.

Torsello pointed out that thanks to the Co.Svi.G model, stakeholders make geothermal energy operations easier, and pointed out that this model is an accelerator in achieving the goal of increasing the use of clean resources necessary for sustainable development.

Enel Green Power Research Department Head Alessandro Lenzi said that Italy, with 916 MW of geothermal power, ranks second in Europe after Turkey.

Expressing that geothermal energy is primarily used in electricity in Italy, Lenzi said, “We have been working with Co.Svi.G for 30 years in order to obtain maximum efficiency from geothermal energy used for residential heating, thermal tourism and greenhouse heating as well as electricity. Our annual energy production is 5.5 TWh,” he said.

Co.Svi.G Model can be applied in Turkey

YENADER President Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin also reminded that Türkiye ranks fourth in the world and first in Europe with 1686.3 MW of geothermal energy installed power.

Alkin stated that the interest in electricity generation from geothermal energy has increased in Turkey and that it has started to set an example in residential heating and agriculture, and said: “A model similar to the Co.Svi.G model found in Tuscany, Italy, has been developed in accordance with the conditions of Türkiye.”

We have witnessed the efforts of 16 local administrations, Tuscany Region administration, and energy companies to transform geothermal into added value in many aspects. In Türkiye and in the Aegean Region, local governments and energy companies can target the use of maximum capacity geothermal energy with a similar model,” added Alkin.

Stating that geothermal energy is a clean, endless and domestic resource and that energy can be produced 24 hours a day when compared to other renewable energy sources, Alkin continued: “There have been inquiries about whether geothermal energy facilities are harmful to food and agricultural products in Türkiye. Academics and NGOs worked. It has been proven that geothermal plants are harmless. In the results here, it was clearly revealed that there was no harm. As a result of these studies, it was concluded that the people of the region also trust geothermal energy. A similar model can be applied in Türkiye as well.”


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