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06 Nov 2020

​GEO Launches New Combined Smart Meter for Home Usage

06 Nov 2020  by  Yoana Cholteeva   
The smart meter device allows households to take control of both their heating and hot water through one device as it also grants them with smart insights and personalised analytics. The device’s development stage was co-funded by a £300,000 grant from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.
geo’s CEO Patrick Caiger-Smith said: “Consumers increasingly look to their energy provider for guidance when it comes to improving management of their home energy usage.
“Trio + Heating delivers energy suppliers with the ideal solution – not only does it put control firmly in the hands of their customers, it also gives them the visibility they need to make positive changes and reduce their energy costs,” he added.
“The added bonus for suppliers is that it can also increase customer acceptance of smart meter installations.”
The technology can be managed through a display, a mobile phone app or by using devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. As a result, Trio + Heating allow visibility of the entire home energy consumption and the ability to control and manage it.
The device incorporates a combination of two geo smart energy products – a smart energy monitor named Trio II in-home display and a smart thermostat solution called Cosy.
geo Chief Product Officer Rik Temmink explains: “Usually the most insight I get into my heating and hot water energy is the number of hours that my boiler is running, which isn’t great. With our product we’re combining the smart meter in home display, which is connected to the smart meter.
“That same device screen on display also runs this smart heating control to the smart thermostat function. And therefore it knows exactly how much energy I’m using,” he adds.
“So with our product you’ll be able to look back and say ‘on Monday I spent £3.25 on my heating and £0.50 on my water’ and the next day it show different numbers. So this gives the user much more insight and understanding of the cost of heating and water.”
geo has delivered over 5 million systems to homes throughout the UK and Europe, and is also a provider of consumer feedback devices and services to the UK Smart Metering Programme. The company focuses on helping utility suppliers, meter manufacturers and installers to strengthen the relationship with customers by putting them in control of their energy and water consumption in a visual way.

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