15 Feb 2023

Greece to Announce Tender for Four Geothermal Areas

15 Feb 2023  by thinkgeoenergy   

Coastal city of Kavala, Greece (source: flickr/ Andreas Kontokanis, creative commons)
Tenders are expected to be announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the exploration and exploitation of four geothermal areas in different regions of Northern Greece. These areas are as follows:

the Nestos Delta (Chrysoupolis – Eratinou, Keramotis, and Kavala Bay)

the Evros Delta (between Alexandroupolis and the Evros River)

the central and souther part of the Strymon Basin

the Acropotamos area in Kavala

A fifth area, the Sperchios site, is still under consideration to be included in the tender. Some of these sites had been previously put up for auction back in 2011 but no contracts were signed due to claims that went beyond the scope of the terms of the subsequent notice.

In early 2022, the Ministry of Environment and Energy introduced new geothermal licensing terms that provided a new transparent framework for the utilization of the geothermal potential of Greece. The Ministerial Decision concerns the fields with temperatures above 90 degrees C (medium and high enthalpy), where the geothermal potential is utilized mainly for the production of electricity of fixed base.


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