08 Feb 2023

Kyotherm Invests on Geothermal Lagoon in Quebec, Canada

08 Feb 2023  by thinkgeoenergy   

Depiction of the planned geoLagon tourism project in Quebec, Canada (source: geoLagon)
French investment company Kyotherm has announced a preliminary agreement for USD 140 million of funding for the geoLAGON project, a geothermal and solar lagoon and tourism project being developed in Quebec, Canada.

We had first reported on the geoLAGON project in September 2022. Among the many highlights of thIS planned tourist development is a geothermal-heated pool maintained at 38 degrees Celsius at the Petite-Rivière-Saint-François site along with 186 hotel chalets. Permitting for this so-called Charlevoix site is currently ongoing.

Similar developments are planned in three other sites – in Estrie, Lanaudiere, Laurentians. The funding to be provided by Kyotherm will be split equally among the four planned geoLAGON ecovillages. The geoLAGON villages will make joint use of solar power, surface geothermal energy, and biomass.

Part of the funding will go toward the construction of a large heat accumulator at the center of each village. This will make it possible to heat or cool the dwellings in each village in a manner that is completely self-sufficient. This heat accumulator will be charged by a set of renewable heat sources.

“We are very pleased to contribute to the development of this Canadian innovation, which is illustrated by the use of 100% complementary renewable energies for its thermal needs. Once the detailed technical studies and the development of the projects have been completed, we will initiate the construction of the energy infrastructures that we will finance, which includes the tunnels and networks allowing the exchange of energy with the dwellings of the hotel village”, said Kyothem President Arnaud Susplugas.

“Kyotherm’s contribution is very strong support for us, which strengthens our position. Knowing the great expertise of Kyotherm, I now know that the ecosystem I designed for our geoLAGON will materialize to finally create the very first carbon neutral village and self-sufficient in natural energy in the world according to a unique and infinite exchange model. Our goal remains to formalize the start of the construction of a first village before June 21, 2023,” says the designer and owner of the geoLAGON villages, Louis Massicotte.


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