Energy Storage

07 Feb 2023

Southeast Asia’s Largest Battery Goes Online

07 Feb 2023  by pv-magazine   
Sembcorp and Singapore’s Energy Market Authority (EMA) have announced the successful commissioning of a 285 MWh energy storage system in the Banyan and Sakra region on Jurong Island, Singapore.

The large-scale system features 800 high-energy density lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries and occupies 2 hectares of land. It is the largest energy storage system in Southeast Asia, according to Sembcorp.

“Its rapid response time to store and supply power in milliseconds is essential in mitigating solar intermittency caused by changing weather conditions in Singapore’s tropical climate,” the company said in a statement. “It can also provide reserves to the power grid, which frees up power generation plants to generate more electricity to meet demand, when needed.”

A central control system regulates the batteries' charge and discharge cycles according to grid needs. The integrated system also includes liquid cooling systems or built-in air conditioning systems to maintain optimal operating temperatures.


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